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1 Bog Down in the Valley (polka) Download
2 Boys of the Lough (reel) Download
3 Bucks of Carranmore (reel) Download
4 Butterfly (slip jig) Download
5 Cabri Waltz (waltz) Download
6 Castle Kelly (reel) Download
7 Church Street (polka) Download
8 Copper Plate (reel) Download
9 Corn is Ripe (jig) Download
10 Davy Nick Nack (polka) Download
11 The Devil's Dream (reel) Download
12 Down the Broom (reel) Download
13 Dublin Streets (slip jig) Download
14 Dunmore Lassies (reel) Download
15 The 40 Pound Float (polka) Download
16 The Galopede (polka) Download
17 Garfield's Hornpipe (hornpipe) Download
18 Hardy Man the Fiddler (slip jig) Download
19 Hector the Hero (waltz) Download
20 The Irish Girl (slip jig) Download
21 Jackson's Fancy (jig) Download
22 Johnny with the Queer Thing (reel) Download
23 The Jolly Tinker (reel) Download
24 Julia Delaney (reel) Download
25 Julia's Wedding (hornpipe) Download
26 Kitty of Coleraine (IV) (waltz) Download
27 Lannigan's Ball (jig) Download
28 Leitrim Fancy (jig) Download
29 Lord McDonald's Reel (reel) Download
30 Man of the House (reel) Download
31 Miss Catherine Brosnan (air) Download
32 Miss Dunphy's Hornpipe (hornpipe) Download
33 Niel Gow's Lament (air) Download
34 O'Carolan's Concerto Download
35 O'Neill's March (march) Download
36 Paddy O'Carroll (jig) Download
37 Pat Horgan's Polka 1 (polka) Download
38 Pidgeon on the Gate (reel) Download
39 The Rakes of Mallow (polka) Download
40 Reel 223 (reel) Download
41 Roll in the Rye Grass (reel) Download
42 The Rose Tree (polka) Download
43 The Siege of Ennis (polka) Download
44 Sliabh na mBan (hornpipe) Download
45 Spatter the Dew (slip jig) Download
46 Staggering Home (slip jig) Download
47 Tam Lin Reel (reel) Download
48 The Halting March (march) Download
49 The Irish Washerwoman (jig) Download

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